Sangria de Las Montanas was founded in 2021 by Mario and Tracy Vargas in Steamboat Springs, CO. After moving back from being stationed in Germany after Tracy’s retirement from the U.S. Army.

Mario and Tracy met during her service with the Peace Corps in El Salvador 2003-2006, Mario’s country of origin. Mario worked exclusively in the restaurant businesses early on in El Salvador and upon moving stateside in Colorado developing and honing his culinary skills sparking his interest in fine foods and drink.

The Vargas family moved overseas with the military stationed in Landstuhl, Germany for four years 2016-2020.  During this time they traveled across Europe exploring vineyards outside of Chianti, Italy, Alsace, France, Bad Durkheim, and Deidesheim, Germany. Their travels included Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Budapest experiencing multi-cultural food/drinks learning a variety of cooking and wine/drink pairing. In Barcelona, Mario perfected his recipe for Sangria Roja while participating in traditional paella culinary classes with wine pairing. Holiday travels engaged the family in Christmas markets across Germany, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands prompting the creation of a warmed variation of German Glühwein, Mario’s winter drink now coined Glühwein vom Berg.

In 2020 The family moved to Steamboat Springs, CO 2020 as Tracy accepted a position with UC Health as a physician. The final creation in the line was developed in Steamboat, Sangria Blanco which was designed to offer a lighter/fruitier version of the heavier Sangria Roja. After serving both Sangria Roja y Blanco and Glühwein vom Berg to both family and friends sparked the idea to brand and formalize a company beginning the market the line. 

Sangria de Las Montanas was created and was formally introduced at the backyard wedding of good friends as the signature drink for the wedding. It is within this context that the company originated in 2021.

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